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Tokyo Synth Shopping

Tokyo has a reputation for being a high-tech wonderland, and while I don’t always agree with that idea, it’s definitely not true when it comes to synthesizers. Tokyo-and Japan in general-is still in the throes of a love affair with guitars and this is reflected in musical instrument stores. Everyone loves music, but despite the fact that Roland, Korg and Yamaha are some of the top synth manufacturers in the world, most people would rather buy a guitar because it’s rock and roll. So what’s a synth fan to do in Tokyo? There are a few stores worth checking out, and thankfully they’re all in the same area, so you could visit them all in half a day and still have time to make an unboxing video of your purchase for YouTube. Shibuya is famous for its scramble crossing, giant Blade Runner-style video billboards, and shopping. But it’s also synth central for Tokyo. There are, of course, other synth shops in Tokyo and Japan, and I’ll mention them at the end, but the bulk of this piece will b